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Lactation Consultants

"For me, being a lactation consultant is like breathing. I can't imagine my life without it. And being present for parents and babies, helping them to know each other and nurse comfortably, feels like exactly where I'm supposed to be."


"It is truly a privilege to be able to work with parents and their babies during this special and critical time in their lives. Hands down, helping families with the essential act of feeding and eating is the most gratifying work I have ever done."



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Annalee Harkins - Operations Manager / Co-owner

Annalee joined Ellen at Teaching Babies to Nurse in October 2020, and handles everything outside of seeing patients. She has a BS in Information Science from UNC Chapel Hill, and a diploma in Art & Design from London College of Fashion at University of the Arts London.

Annalee first met Ellen in the womb, as her mother's fellow classmate and friend in nursing school at UNC. They reconnected when Annalee returned to North Carolina after living many other places. Outside of Teaching Babies to Nurse, Annalee enjoys listening to so many podcasts, adoring her two herding dogs, and sewing quilts by hand. 

Our Team


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