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Ayden Cox
Infant CST Specialist
She/her, they/them

Ayden is a Durham, NC based, licensed massage therapist specializing in pediatric craniosacral therapy. They came to massage therapy as a way to better assist the families they served in their doula practice, but fell in love with all forms of massage. She has been practicing as a birthworker and childbirth educator since 2009, and a massage therapist since 2010.

After several years practicing as an Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and full-spectrum doula in the Piedmont, Ayden moved to Portland, OR to pursue midwifery training. After two years learning everything she could about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and newborns she returned to her home in the south to bring her skills to her community.


Having their own child in 2022 has added yet another layer to their belief that early infant bodywork has a profound effect on the wellbeing of the newborn and the parents as well. Ayden believes in the power of the body to heal itself, and greatly values her role in helping to facilitate healing. When she's not doing bodywork or chasing her own toddler, she's probably busy tattooing, cooking too much food or riding her Harley. 

Ayden is available for shared 1-hour Mother's Milk | Baby's Body with Ellen Chetwynd or Jessica Luginbuhl on Tuesdays.

Ayden's personal website: Bodywork by Ayden

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