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Interested in learning more about how to apply the techniques taught at Teaching Babies to Nurse?

There are all sorts of mentorship opportunities available from shared patient visits (yours or mine) to discussions, small group Sucksessions, online and in-person workshops, and just plain chatting.


You can schedule 15-minutes to discuss mentorship options below, or if you prefer, fill out the interest form.

Schedule an Introductory Mentorship Discussion
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Virtual observation

A limited number of spots are available for professionals to virtually observe a lactation consultation appointment from start to finish, with the patient's approval. A signed HIPAA compliance form is required. 

In-person shadowing

On select Mondays and Thursdays, full-day shadowing (approximately 5-8 hours) in the clinic is offered for experienced professionals.

Patient consultations

Patient cases can be submitted for consultation for either in-person or telehealth. Depending on the circumstances, a practitioner may refer a patient and be present during care, or Ellen may be present as a consultant while another professional renders care.

Regular discussions

Opportunities to discuss questions or delve deeper into professional topics are welcomed at an hourly rate.

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