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Covid-19 Precautions

Mask on Teddy Bear - Image by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Keeping Us All Safe

During the pandemic, we will both need to take precautions to limit our exposure to risk.

  • All staff are vaccinated and boosted

  • We have the building to ourselves for your visit. There is no waiting room and no check-in process

  • I will be wearing a mask, and ask that you wear one as well.

  • If you feel sick in any way, or have been exposed to Covid-19 recently, please call and reschedule the appointment. I will do the same.

  • I will be wearing gloves whenever I touch you or the baby, and will be keeping distance when I am able to during the flow of our visit.

  • If I hold your baby, I will use a blanket so that they don’t come into direct contact with my clothes

  • Feel free to bring adult support, but for now, even though I love having older siblings around, they need to stay home.

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