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Testimonial: She’s a baby whisperer...

We first heard about you from Sibahan and Ami-“she’s the best” “she’s a baby whisperer” they said. I thought to myself “how much could a lactation consultant really help? It’s not going to be life changing.” Boy was I wrong! After just one appointment with you, I was convinced you were the best. You’re a baby whisperer.

We came to you scared and confused, and we left feeling optimistic and relieved. Lily was having a hard time gaining weight in her first couple of weeks, and you made some minor adjustments to her head/neck and the positions I was holding her in. After a couple appointments with you, we were addicted. We were learning something new each time we came to you. We wanted to tell the world about you, but also really just wanted you to ourselves when we really needed you. It wasn’t too long after we first saw you Lily jumped from 18th percentile to weight up to 90th percentile, and we owe that to you!

We really think the world needs more Ellens. We can’t thank you enough for the help and confidence you’ve given me and our happy, healthy little girl.


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