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Dads Helping Dads

Robert Stokes is a dad in our Teaching Babies to Nurse community whose love language is clearly “acts of service” and “quality time.” From the first appointment it was obvious that Robert was dedicated to helping his partner and new son have the best feeding experience possible. He was an attentive listener and not afraid to jump in at any moment of need.

During a later visit Robert happened to mention that he was simultaneously helping a family member hundreds of miles away who had just given birth. Robert was happy to check in with them regularly and share words of encouragement, as well as different techniques he had already learned on his new parenting journey.

Similarly, Robert would love the opportunity to help other families, especially fathers, in the Teaching Babies to Nurse community. But in the famous words of LeVar Burton, host and executive producer of Reading Rainbow: “you don’t have to take my word for it…”

Here’s what Robert has to say:

From Discouraged Father to Proud Dad

Having a Military background and always wanting to be a problem solver, it’s been challenging watching both my best friend and my first child struggle with breastfeeding. Mamas get education and are often asked about their feelings, but dads simply don’t!

Working together, Dads can both problem solve and change the “status quo” to empower other new dads to be more comfortable contributing to feeding and raising our little ones!

If you are feeling discouraged, or think you might benefit from a little informal support or advice from other men, feel free to reach out!


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