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It Works! Mother's Milk | Baby's Body

The first day of Mother’s Milk | Baby’s Body worked!

It was amazing, and she is so clearly good at what she does! Dr. Emily Esmaili and I have been planning this for months. We’ve gotten excited about the concept of combining her osteopathic and pediatric skills with my breastfeeding and CST skills. We’ve worked on all the boring things two people need to do to work together on the back end. We’ve thought about the logistics and the flow and carefully considered how to pull this off safely in the middle of a pandemic. And then we finally had our first clinic!

Anyone in healthcare knows what a gift it is to be able to work with a partner. It is something we are so rarely able to do. And from the client end, it is so hard to find--yet so useful to have two people sharing ideas toward your personal healthcare goal. We were delighted to find we were speaking the same language. When we both had our hands on the baby, I could feel the releases Emily was producing as they happened.

Sure, there is more work to do on the schedule and the paperwork, but to be able to combine our efforts toward making breastfeeding better for a mother and baby felt natural and potent.

I am grateful to Dr. Emily Hannon, who is, by the way, a wonderful pediatrician and breastfeeding advocate at Western Wake Pediatrics, for anyone who is looking for a primary care pediatrician. Emily H. is a mutual friend of both of ours, and knew that Emily E. was interested in finding an outlet for providing OMT for babies, and that I was starting Teaching Babies to Nurse. Connecting us was easy because Emily E. and I worked together when she came to me for lactation support with the delightful Leela, now 2. So we have Leela to thank for bringing us together too!

And to the moms and babies who came to our first clinic, thank you from both of us, for being willing to try something new.

We will continue to have Mother’s Milk | Baby’s Body clinics on Tuesday afternoons. It is easy to make an appointment right from the website. We look forward to seeing you!


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