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Teaching Babies to Nurse: Gratitude

We get so busy with the day-to-day that we sometimes forget to take a breath and say thank you. So, thank you to everyone who comes to Teaching Babies to Nurse for lactation support. AND, a special thank you to the families who travel long distances to get here.

We know it takes a leap of faith and a lot of trust to put your family in the car and come here from wherever you are to see one or both of us. And it is always an honor and a surprise to get visits from families who are hours away, from across the state.

We don't ever want to fall back on reputation alone. Our goal is to make sure that what we provide is different enough that it was worth the trip.

Every time a commitment is made by you, an equal one is made by us, and although we are not the ones travelling, we want to know that what we provide meets the needs that brought you here.

I have had travelers for lactation support for years, but have noticed an increase recently. I think the addition of Dr. Emily Esmaili and our collaborative practice, Mother’s Milk | Baby’s Body (lactation support combined with osteopathic manipulative therapy) is increasing the draw. Clearly there is a need for the work we are doing. Lactation support with the addition of bodywork, whether that is with the craniosacral approach I take, or the more focused osteopathic manipulation Emily provides, seems to be scratching an itch…. fixing problems that have hit walls in other modalities. And for that we are grateful, because this work, although challenging, is also very rewarding for us as we move through breastfeeding issues with you.

So thank you for your trust. Thank you for taking the steps you take to reach us and to engage. Thank you for the time you and your little ones spend in the car to get to us. We appreciate you!

With gratitude,

Ellen & Emily


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