A Workshop for Lactation Consultants!

Many of the skills and tools used at Teaching Babies to Nurse are nontraditional. For example, I would tell you:

  • deep latch doesn't matter

  • pull a baby away from the breast to reduce pinching pain

  • sometimes you have to relax a baby's feet to help their suck

Thanks to April Fogleman at Maternal and Infant Lactation Knowledge (MILK) Research Lab, and the insistence of some good friends, I am offering a workshop to "share some of the magic!", which I am super-excited to do. PS. Not actually magic, but some solid advanced lactation support techniques. Read on:


Babies instinctively draw milk from their parent's body and into their own. We have a growing set of literature demonstrating what an effective suck is, but babies don't always do what the textbooks say they should. In order to progress from an ineffective suck to an effective suck we have to disassemble what the baby is doing, find the root cause, and use that as a pivot point to guide them toward new skills.

In this workshop, we will use experiential techniques to practice how to use intuition and our own experience being human to understand and address nursing couplets. We will learn about how the underlying musculature and bony structures of the face, head, and body can affect the way a baby approaches nursing. We will look at how infants recruit muscles from all over their bodies to manage their breastfeeding environment; how to read infant faces to understand what mechanisms they are using both on the breast and off; how to read a body at rest and in action for areas of tension and muscle overuse. Lastly, we will learn how to address what we find through a unique set of clinical techniques specific to addressing compensatory muscle use so that we can move babies from dysfunction to function.

Here is a link to sign up for this

Online Clinical Lactation Workshop

December 1 from 9:00 to 12:30

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If this time doesn't work for you, don't worry!

It's happening again!

Online Clinical Lactation Workshop

March 26, from 12:00pm to 3:00pm