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Lactation Consultants


Jessica Luginbuhl
Lactation Support Fellow

I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill’s Mary Rose Tully Training Intensive in lactation in 2022.  I am a mother of two and have been working in maternal and child health my whole career, however, Lactation Consulting specifically is a career change for me.


For the past 15 years, I have worked with women and children worldwide in a variety of public health settings. Most recently, I spent 10 years implementing and managing public health programming focused on the most disinvested communities in Alameda County, CA. There, I frequently observed a complex array of social, economic, political, and cultural factors that influence families and their communities.


My experiences have encouraged me to hold onto the unwavering belief that when children, mothers, and fathers are provided appropriate support, they can and will succeed. This core belief has repeatedly led me to examine the first few months of life, where the interaction between a mother, baby, and extended family begins.

I have been shadowing Ellen Chetwynd in lactation consultations since September 2022, and am gradually spending more time with patients independently. In the future I will be a practitioner in Mother's Milk | Baby's Body appointments, and available for lactation consultations at the Chapel Hill clinic and for home visits in central Durham.

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