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Teaching Babies to Nurse

Breastfeeding support at the intersection of lactation consulting and infant body dynamics

 We came to you scared and confused, and we left feeling optimistic and relieved. We wanted to tell the world about you, but also really just wanted you to ourselves when we really needed you.

– Mother of Baby Lily

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Working Together To Treat Breastfeeding Problems

When breast/chestfeeding is causing problems, you need support. We are lactation consultants with years of experience helping women just like you. We're here for you.


Ellen Chetwynd, founder of Teaching Babies to Nurse, developed a set of advanced lactation assessment and treatment tools. These techniques are founded on the understanding that babies are smart, adaptive and sure of themselves.


In treating breast/chestfeeding problems we combine aspects of lactation consulting with craniosacral therapy so that the baby’s whole body is taken into consideration. We will work together to discover why nursing is not going well, and our treatment plan will help you to help your baby think their way to better nursing.

Mother Holding Baby

Meet Ellen

My journey toward Teaching Babies to Nurse began as I tried to puzzle out painful nursing. Those babies who persist in doing something at the breast that is a nursing dysfunction or causes pain despite everything that the standard craft of lactation consulting taught me to do to help them.


The babies seemed to be struggling with physical characteristics too subtle to be ankyloglossia (tight frenulum), torticollis or plagiocephaly, and yet the moms hurt and the babies would not change.

Ellen Chetwynd

Practice Areas

Teaching Babies to Nurse provides both in-person and virtual consultations.


In-person or virtual appointments to address your breastfeeding concerns.


This specialized in-person visit type is for parents who have active mastitis or clogged ducts.


A multimodal service that combines lactation support and pediatric osteopathic care, provided by Ellen with Dr. Emily Esmaili, DO.


These in-person visits are for babies whose bodies need extra attention.

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